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Write Stories

User stories are the fundamental unit of modern digital development, defining features in a way that’s unambiguous and directly adds value your creation. Arbor lets you quickly and easily create, size, and categorize every story you’ll need for your digital product - all while bridging the gap between ideation and execution.

TypewriterStop wasting your time on white boards, 3x5 note cards, and Google Docs. Enter the story into Arbor’s Typewriter tool to effortlessly create production ready stories.

ThemesWith Arbor, you can group your stories into central themes, helping you think big-picture and prioritize what needs to get done first.

Size your Stories

Not all stories are created equal. Arbor lets you easily size your stories by configuring time and effort in a Product Backlog.

Add Acceptance Criteria

EstimateArbor eliminates ambiguity by letting you clearly define what “complete” means for every story in your backlog.


We’ve built Arbor to integrate seamlessly with the tools and systems that you already use to organize your workflow.

SlackImmediately capture inspiration that comes during teamtalk. With our Slack integration, you can stay in Slack, write out your story, and know that it’s logged into Arbor.

Trello ExportWhen the legwork is done and you’re ready to start with production, Arbor sends your stories to Trello so you can start building without wasting a minute.

Arbor is the exclusive tool powering Rootstrap workshops and has helped more than 40,000 freelancers, coders, and agencies build better digital products – and now you can harness it for every project you work on.

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